Saturday, January 30, 2016

AlphaGO. Not a fair match. Here's why ...

There has been a lot of excitement recently about Google's Deep Mind program AlphaGO defeating the European GO Champion, 2 Dan, Fan Hui.

Fan Hui in 2005
I too wish to extend my congratulations to the Google team for

1. their achievement in writing a program upon the Deep Mind system able to defeat the French Fan Hui European GO champion, and

2. their sheer chutzpah for even suggesting that such a competition was fair.

How then are we to assess this notion of fairness in a match between human and machine?

Basically, I believe that to be fair, "thinking time" between human and the machine must be measured equivalent in Joules, not in elapsed time.

So I would very much like someone from Google to inform me regarding the number of Joules AlphaGO utilized in order to win this match. Human v. human competition is easily shown to be fair in this regard.

Fan Hui cannot be considered “defeated” until this matter is resolved.

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